Proven Leadership, Experience and Results

We have a twenty-five year successful record of performance navigating and leading private, public, non-profit sectors clients around the world through the most difficult, complex, and sensitive situations.  Our considerable experience allows us to brings elements of style, poise, and a level of calm management that is literally transcendent during a storm.


We believe our cross-industry and public and private sector experience has sharpened our business acumen and provided us with a winning holistic approach for creating strategy, ideating solutions, solving problems, and executing action plans.  Our service suite includes a learning workshop, consulting on navigating, and executing a navigation plan depending clients needs.

Our mission is to be the trusted advisor leading our client's through storms and crises and back to a posture for growth and prosperity.  

Our core values are 

  • A commitment to help our clients achieve amazing outcomes
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence
  • A commitment to integrity

The Principal, Michael Davis, has had a unique professional journey where he has been a corporate executive, a non-profit founder/executive, franchise owner/operator, company president, startup COO, non-profit board chair, Executive Director of an economic development public-private partnership, business association president, and community servant leader. Michael is well known and well respected in business, municipal, community, and church circles.  He is widely recognized as an innovative thought leader and change agent in the business community.

Mr. Davis is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned consultant with more than thirty years of cross industry and cross sectors helping business leaders drive superior execution.  Michael's client engagements have garnered the following awards and recognition:

+ A VP Commitment to Excellence Award

+ 3 time Outstanding Accomplishment Award

+ A MVP Outstanding Achievement Award

Mr. Davis has a gift for ideation and transformation of ideas into solutions that yield sustainable new business value.  A copy of his professional bio is included on the Download menu of this site.

We can help change your challenges into opportunities. Please book a forty-five minute complimentary Zoom consultation.


Michael Davs,  Principal